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Les Misérables is an American animated musical drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is based on Victor Hugo's novel of the same name. The plot centers on Jean Valjean . Unlike the current animated Disney films made, the film is traditionally animated and it's style is similar to another Disney film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The film is considered to be one of Disney's darkest animated films. Unlike The Hunchback of Notre Dame, its narrative explores themes such as heroism, revolution and injustice.

Plot Edit

The film opens with ex-convict Jean Valjean, running from the police men and was succefully caught them. The police brought him back to the bishop to tell him that Valjean stole his silver but the bishop denied it because he gave the silver to Valjean. He orders the police to release him. The bishop gave him the silver candlesticks and inspires him to become an honest man. In the morning, Valjean left Digne and escapes his Parole. 

Eight years later, Valjean disguised himself as Monsieur Madeleine and was the mayor of the town Montreuil. He was spied by the police inspector Javert and he believed that the mayor was Jean Valjean. Meanwhile, Fantine left Cosette at the Thenardiers and wasn't aware that her child was abused by the Thenardiers. Thanks to their daughter Eponine who takes care of Cosette as a friend. At Madeleine's factory, Fantine cause a fight with a factory worker due to exposing her that she has a child while women aren't allowed to work when they have a child that time. Fantine was sent out by Madeleine and gave her a money. She went back to the Thenardiers but they have already moved to Paris. Fantine saw a boquet of flowers planted at the backyard and sells them at the streets of Montreuil but no one brought them. Suddenly, a man attacks Fantine trying to steal the money given to her by Madeleine. Javert arrives to the scene and gaves Fantine a warrant of arrest but Madeleine orders Javert not to arrest her. She was later brought to the hospital due to her sickness. Madeleine asks forgiveness to her and promised himself to take care of Cosette because Fantine can no longer live because she's dying. Fantine forgives himi and dies. Suddenly, Javert came and finally recognize Madeleine as Jean Valjean. Madeleine escapes from the hospital and he was no where to be found. Javert and his men went to Montfermeil to search Valjean.

Differences from the novel Edit

There are some differences between the film and novel but still follows the storyline.

  • The storyline is mostly set in Paris unlike in the book which has Montreuil-sur-Mer and Montfermeil. Digne is presented in the Prologue.
  • In the film, Jean Valjean was falsely accused of stealing a loaf of bread. The true thief of the bread is Javert. In the book, it was Vajean who stole the bread.
  • In the film, Fantine became a flower vendor in the streets of Paris after she got kicked out of her job. In the book, Fantine became a prostitute after she got kicked out of her job.
  • In the film, Fantine did not sell her teeth and her hair.
  • In the book, Eponine was a spoiled brat and. She was much kinder and good hearted in the film.
  • Like the famous musical, Eponine was already in love with Marius.
  • Eponine and Cosette portrayed as friends.
  • In the book, Gavroche was brutally murdered before the second attack. In the film, Gavroche was not killed and was survived the fight.
  • Chien-Chien the dog does not appear in the book.
  • Azelma Thenardier, Baptistine, Felix Tholomyes , Petit Gervais and many more characters do not appear in the movie.
  • Although it was set in French Revolution, the reason o

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Jean Valjean
  • Javert
  • Cosette
  • M
  • Fantine
  • Cosette
  • Eponine
  • Marius
  • Bishop Myriel
  • Madame Magloire

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Disney film features bloody gunshots.
  • This is the only Disney film shows more guns and blood.
  • This is the first Disney film that has a lot of main characters.


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