Eponine Thenardier is a supporting character from the Disney film, Les Miserables.

Appearance Edit

Eponine appears to be pampered during her childhood. She appears to be beautiful and has brown eyes. She has a raven black hair. She wears elegant dresses and a pair of beautiful shoes. During her adolescent, she appears to be in rags and her face are full of cinders. Her hair now appears to be messy and uncombed. She now wears a wide dirty white top and a ragged brown skirt (same in Emily Bayard's illustrations of the novel). She is also barefoot. During the battle, she disguised herself as a man. She wears a brown hat and a trench coat.

Personality Edit

Eponine appears to be kind and romanticized in the film. When Cosette was abused by her parents, Eponine was there to help Cosette. She was friends with Cosette. She was also caring to her, to her young brother Gavroche and to her dog, Chien. She had saved Marius's life at her death.

History Edit

1823 Edit

Songs Edit

Here are the list of sons sung by Eponine.

  • A Heart's Dream
  • Revolution


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